A precise calibration is the foundation for any accurate mechanical or optical inspection. Only after a proper calibration can accurate and repeatable inspection results be obtained. All PG1000’s are delivered having been factory calibrated, using proprietary certified glass reticles and a calibration process that is integrated in our REACTION software. Our calibration procedure follows ISO guidelines and produces a PASS/FAIL calibration report that shows ‘as found’ and ‘as calibrated’ values. How often calibrations are required will depend on usage and the quality control procedures our customers have in place.

To ensure accuracy, the PG1000 system should be recalibrated using either our 1000-443 standard reticle or our 1000-645 linear reticle. Both the standard and linear reticles are available for purchase or rental.

Requirements for Calibration

We are only able to calibrate PG1000 systems that are running on version 8.0+ REACTION software. If you have an older PG system with old/obsolete software a PG1000 Rebuild/Upgrade may be necessary in order to calibrate your system. Please view the REACTION Hardware Requirements and contact PG Inspection Technologies through our Software Update Request Form for more information.

Standard vs Linear Reticle

Both reticles calibrate the system at each zoom magnification.
The standard 1000-443 reticle will calibrate the scales on the X Axis (horizontal) and Y Axis (vertical) over a 50x50mm area. This reticle works well for applications that require a relatively small designated measuring area. The time required to perform a calibration with the 1000-443 reticle is: 30-60 minutes.

When a larger measuring area is needed, it is important to calibrate at multiple points along the X and Y Axis. The larger 1000-645-1 linear calibration reticle calibrates the scales on the X Axis (horizontal) every 10mm and on the Y Axis (vertical) every 5mm over the entire 85x200mm area*. The time required to perform a calibration with the 1000-645 reticle is: 60-120 minutes.

For both reticles, accurate distance compensation values are saved and applied during tool inspection for each axis, assuring accurate distance measurement.

*135x350mm for the 1000-645-2 used with the PG1000-400LT system

Calibration Reticle Purchase

Details for each calibration reticle can be found on the PG1000 accessories page.
1000-443 standard reticle
1000-645-1 linear reticle
1000-645-2 linear reticle

Calibration Reticle Rental

If you are unfamiliar with the calibration process we do have an option that combines a reticle rental with remote calibration assistance via TeamViewer. See the Calibration Reticle Rental Agreement for details.

Onsite Calibrations

If an onsite calibration is preferred please contact us at for a quotation. In order to provide you with the most accurate quote possible please provide us with the following information:

  • Site location(s)
  • Preferred date(s) and start/end times
  • Primary contact name/email/phone number
  • Provide the PG1000 serial number and software version* for each system being calibrated while onsite