PG1000-400LT (for long and/or large tools)

Optical Cutting Tool Inspection System with REACTION Software

For large tools up to 5.00” (125mm) in diameter

The PG1000-400LT is a tool geometry inspection system durable enough for everyday shop floor use and precise enough for a metrology laboratories incoming and outgoing quality inspections. The 5MP camera reproduces and displays high resolution cutting tool images magnified up to 100x on a 4K monitor.

All PG1000-400 systems collect and display data from the horizontal (X), vertical (Y), base block/tool holder rotational position (A), cross-hair rotation (Z), focus (F) and microscope magnification (M) axes as well as allow for optional lighting control through the software.

PG1000-400LT System Includes

  1. PG1000-400LT gage
  2. Pivoting base block for tool holding fixtures
  3. V block, 5” (127mm)
  4. V block insert with notch, 3.15” (80mm)
  5. Carbide tipped back stop assembly
  6. Top/tool clamp
  7. Flexible LED light w/diffuser cap
  8. Curved magnetic diffuser plate
  9. High performance PC
  10. REACTION software
  11. 27” 4K Ultra HD monitor

Unlike our competition, our proprietary REACTION software was designed specifically for the cutting tool industry with input from our customers. While many of our competitors use generic CAD software, which takes a screen shot of an image, the PG REACTION software allows the user to take measurements in real time without electronic pixel manipulation of the image assuring accurate and repeatable measurements down to the micron level.

The PG1000-400 REACTION software allows the user to measure tool geometries in multiple ways.

  • Screen: take measurements by picking points on the monitors screen
  • Scales: use the X & Y axis handwheels to mark points and take measurements via the scales
  • Edge Detection: this popular feature allows the software to detect the tools edges when taking measurements which helps to automate the process and virtually eliminates human error
  • Comparisons: the software can create comparison geometries for quick referencing (Go/No-Go)
  • DXF/DWG file: import overlay for tool size comparisons
  • CTM file: Create and save tool image to use as an overlay for tool alignment and inspections

Once the tool and overly are aligned properly the DXF file can be locked to the scales and the DXF file will then follow the microscope allowing the user to visually inspect the entire geometry of the tool.

The PG REACTION software is very user friendly and and incorporates on screen prompts, instructions and video demos for each tool calculation. Calculations can be repeated efficiently by recalling previous saved inspection scenes. Annotations/notes can be added alongside measurements. With the click of an icon the software can export data to an Excel/CSV file or create a cus­tomized PDF report with results and user en­tered tolerances, images, customer details as well as an optional PASS/FAIL notification.


  • Quick – measurements taken in less than 30 seconds
  • Extremely accurate and repeatable
  • User friendly software interface
  • Flexibility during inspection – inspections done your way
  • Live image calculations
  • Snap to edges (auto edge detection)
  • Edge detection (rotational w/concentricity fixture)
  • 50+ calculations/measurements available in software
  • Perform multiple calculations over a single image
  • Create inspection macro templates
  • DXF/DWG overlay software lockable to scale movement
  • DXF/DWG data collection
  • Tool comparisons
  • Customizable PDF inspection reports
  • Export results and data as Excel or CSV file
  • Magnifications automatically synchronized to PC
  • Center of tool focus indication
  • Tool position in degrees displayed in software
  • Certified granite base
  • High precision linear bearings for all axis
  • 270° pivoting base block for tool holding fixtures
  • Free software upgrades (as hardware permits)
  • All units delivered fully calibrated and ready for use
  • 1 year warranty
Scope Magnification8x, 14x, 20x, 30x, 36x, 43x, 50x, 65x, 72x, 80x, 86x, 93x, 100x
Recommended Tool Size0.075 - 5.00” (1.91 - 125mm), flute length up to 13.4”
Camera5 mega pixel color camera
ComputerHigh performance SFF with REACTION software preinstalled
Monitor27” 4K Ultra HD
Operating SystemWindows 10 64 bit
ScalesFagor 1µ
Power110Vac 60Hz (220Vac 50/60Hz optional)
LanguageEnglish, Spanish, Chinese, German, Japanese
Accuracy/Repeatability+/-0.0002” (5µ) at maximum magnification
Measuring RangeVertical: 5.30” (135mm) / Horizontal: 13.87” (350mm)
Dimensions30” W x 21” D x 20” H
Weight175 lb.

Types of Measurements

50+ calculations/measurements available to choose from


  • Angle Relative to X Axis (acute)
  • Angle Relative to X Axis (obtuse)
  • Angle Relative to Y Axis (acute)
  • Angle Relative to Y Axis (obtuse)
  • Distance
  • Distance Parallel to X Axis
  • Distance Parallel to Y Axis
  • Distance Between Parallel Lines at an Angle
  • Helical Angle and Land Width
  • Included Angle (acute)
  • Included Angle (obtuse)
  • Distance from X Axis
  • Distance from Y Axis
  • Radius
  • Step Distance Relative to X Axis
  • Step Distance Relative to Y Axis


  • Distance
  • Angle Relative to X Axis (acute)
  • Angle Relative to X Axis (obtuse)
  • Angle Relative to Y Axis (acute)
  • Angle Relative to Y Axis (obtuse)
  • Included Angle (acute)
  • Included Angle (obtuse)
  • Radius
  • X Midpoint
  • Y Midpoint
  • Helical Angle and Land Width
  • Runout
  • Gash Angle

Edge Detection

  • Included Angle (acute)
  • Included Angle (obtuse)
  • Angle Relative to X Axis (acute)
  • Angle Relative to X Axis (obtuse)
  • Angle Relative to Y Axis (acute)
  • Angle Relative to Y Axis (obtuse)
  • Radius
  • Coolant Hole
  • Step Distance Relative to X Axis
  • Step Distance Relative to Y Axis
  • Helical Angle and Land Width
Concentricity fixture required for the following:
  • Ball Nose Diameter/Radius
  • Ball Nose Diameter/Radius and Taper
  • Rotational Diameter
  • Rotational Angle Relative to X Axis (acute)
  • Rotational Angle Relative to X Axis (obtuse)
  • Rotational Angle Relative to Y Axis (acute)
  • Rotational Angle Relative to Y Axis (obtuse)
  • Drill Point Angle (acute)
  • Drill Point Angle (obtuse)


  • Angle
  • Included Angle
  • Circle
  • Circle Tangent to Two Lines
  • Parallel Lines
  • Rake Angle Front View


  • Quick checks on the shop floor – next to CNC grinding machines
  • Advanced geometry and visual inspections in the metrology laboratory
  • Creating reports for incoming/outgoing quality control
  • Scenes and Inspections software feature for testing large quantity tool runs
    • Set and save parameters of specific tool test including axis travel and lighting presets
    • Software creates CTM file overlay used for correct positioning of every new tool
    • Software walks the operator through the testing process ensuring all necessary adjustments required for tool position, focus, magnification, A-Axis/rotation and lighting are consistent to ensure accurate/repeatable test

Types of Cutting Tools

  • Step drills
  • Drills
  • Reamers
  • End mills
  • Inserts
  • Taps
  • Custom tooling
  • Screws/bolts

Calibration Process

A precise calibration is the foundation for any accurate mechanical or optical inspection. Only after a proper calibration can accurate and repeatable inspection results be obtained. All PG1000’s are delivered having been factory calibrated, using proprietary certified glass reticles and a calibration process that is integrated in our REACTION software.
The calibration procedure follows ISO guidelines and produces a PASS/FAIL calibration report that shows ‘as found’ and ‘as calibrated’ values.

The PG1000 systems can be calibrated with either a standard or linear calibration reticle. Both the standard and linear reticles are available for rental or purchase. Both reticles calibrate the system at each zoom magnification.
The standard 1000-443 reticle will also calibrate the scales on the X-axis (horizontal) and Y-axis (vertical) over a 50x50mm area. This reticle works well for applications that require a relatively small designated measuring area.

When a larger measuring area is needed, it is important to calibrate at multiple points along the X- and Y-axes. The larger 1000-645-2 linear calibration reticle calibrates the scales on the X-axis every 10mm and on the Y-axis every 5mm over the entire 135x350mm measuring range.
For both reticles, accurate distance compensation values are saved and applied during tool inspection for each axis, assuring accurate distance measurement.

PG Inspection Technologies reserves the right to change specifications and designs without notice.
Illustrations, data, dimensions and weights given in this brochure and on our website are for guidance only and cannot be held binding on the company.