PG1000 Models Available

Comparing PG1000 Models

Tool Diameter
(low to high)
REACTION Software Collects and Displays the Below Data
X Axis
(in or mm)
Y Axis
(in or mm)
A Axis

Z Axis

F Axis
M Axis
Most Popular
0.025 - 3.00"
(0.635 - 75mm)
up to 7.5"
12.5 - 145xYesYesYesYesYesYes
Small Tools
0.010 - 0.40"
(0.254 - 10mm)
up to 7.5"
25 - 290xYesYesYesYesYesYes
Large Tools
0.075 - 5.00"
(1.91 - 125mm)
up to 13.4"
8 - 100xYesYesYesYesYesYes
0.075 - 1.00"
(1.91 - 25mm)
up to 7.5"
15 - 95xYesYesNoYesNoNo

Watch the video for an up-close look at these two popular models to determine which is right for you.

The PG1000-400 and PG1000-200 are tool geometry inspection systems durable enough for everyday shop floor use and precise enough for a metrology laboratory’s incoming and outgoing quality inspections.  Both units utilize a 5MP camera which reproduces and displays high resolution cutting tool images on a 4K monitor.

All PG1000-400 systems collect and display data from the horizontal (X), vertical (Y), base block/tool holder rotation (A), cross-hair rotation (Z), magnification (M) and focus (F) Axes.

The PG1000-200 system collects and displays data only from the horizontal (X), vertical (Y) and cross-hair rotation (Z) Axes.

The data collected and displayed by these three additional data encoders (A, M and F Axes) on the PG1000-400 decreases the amount of information that needs to be manually entered into the software by the user. These extra encoders also increase the probability of accurate and repeatable inspection results and limit the possibility of human error. The additional encoders allow the user to recall and establish identical inspection scenes and utilize the REACTION software to its full potential.

  • Pivoting Base Block/Tool Holder (A Axis)
    • PG1000-400 models include a magnetic encoder which collects and displays base block location data in degrees and minutes. This feature allows the user to be more consistent when setting up repeat tool inspections.
    • PG1000-200 does not include an encoder for the base block. Base block position is therefore not displayed on the screen or in the software. A protractor decal and a manual index plunger with fixed locations at -90°, 0° and 90° is provided for location reference.
  • Microscope
    • Magnification (M Axis):
      • PG1000-400 models include a magnetic encoder which will automatically synchronize the scope magnification and the software.
      • PG1000-200 does not include an encoder for the magnification. The scope magnification in the software has to be manually switched by the user to match the physical magnification of the microscope.
    • Magnification Range:
      • PG1000-400: 12.5 – 145x
      • PG1000-400-1.0X: 25 – 290x
      • PG1000-400LT: 8 – 100x
      • PG1000-200: 15 – 95x
    • Magnification Levels/Detent Click Stops:
      • PG1000-400 models each have 14 magnification levels.
      • PG1000-200 has 7 magnification levels.
    • Microscope Assembly:
      • PG1000-400 models have a microscope assembly mounted on a linear bearing. Since the microscope can travel it has a larger focal range accommodating larger tools up to 3.0” in diameter.
        • PG1000-400 models have a focal range up to 40mm.
      • PG1000-200 microscope assembly is fixed which limits the focal range to the physical mechanics of the microscope. Tool diameter inspections are limited to less than 1.0” in diameter.
        • PG1000-200 has a focal range of 12mm.
    • Focus (F Axis):
      • PG1000-400 models include an encoder on the focus assembly of the microscope which collects and displays the focus location in the software. This feature includes an on screen focus bar which allows the user to quickly find the centerline of the tool and be more consistent when setting up repeat tool inspections.
      • PG1000-200 does not include an encoder for the focus. Focus location must be manually interpreted by the user which leaves the possibility of inconsistency from one user to another.