PG1000 Rebuild/Upgrade

PG Inspection Technologies has sold more than 1000 PG1000 inspection systems since 1996. With proper maintenance, occasional hardware upgrades, a full rebuild every 7-10 years, and software updates, it is possible to extend the life of your PG1000 system beyond 20 years.

As technology, hardware, and our software have evolved, the requirements of the software have changed. At one point, our .5MP cameras and 14” flat panel square monitors were cutting edge. Since 2016, we have standardized on taking calculations from live images, 5MP 4K cameras, and Ultra High Definition monitors. The PG1000 can produce far better image quality today, but this requires a significant amount of computing power and different hardware than we supplied in the past.

Software updates are available at no cost for the life of the PG1000 system. Software and hardware upgrades fix bugs, enhance existing software features, and add new features that benefit users.

As the software improves and technology evolves, the PG1000 hardware requirements will inevitably change. PG Inspection Technologies offers software updates at no cost. However, software updates are only possible if your hardware meets the minimum requirements of the software.

Most PG1000 systems purchased since 2016 have a 4K camera and monitor. These systems should all have REACTION software version 8.0+, and software updates should not be a problem.

If you have an older PG1000 system that was purchased prior to 2016 and that is running on software versions 6.0 or 7.0, you will likely require a hardware upgrade or full rebuild to update your software. Note that software versions 6.0 and 7.0 are no longer supported, so we highly recommend that you contact us to avoid the possibility of a prolonged unplanned outage.   This guide can help you determine the next steps and available options. Click Here for details regarding the hardware requirements for installing our current REACTION software.


Replacing a few components in the field is considered an UPGRADE. However, an upgrade or installing the latest version of the REACTION software does not guarantee accuracy of the PG1000 system.

PG1000 systems will also periodically require a full REBUILD. Rebuilds are strongly suggested every 7-10 years. During the rebuild process the granite base is typically replaced and the mechanical items (bearings, lead screws, backlash nuts, etc.) are checked/repaired and/or replaced. The X and Y Axis linear scales are cleaned and calibrated or replaced. Older camera, microscope and encoders are replaced with the most recent models. The system is then rebuilt, calibrated and will be as accurate and repeatable as a new system. Click here for details and examples of a PG1000 rebuild.

UPGRADES can often be performed in the field and can improve the performance of the system and delay the necessity of a full rebuild.

REBUILDS must be performed by PG Inspection Technologies and require 2-4 weeks of downtime. Rental PG1000 systems are available when downtime is not an option.

PG1000 Recalibration Notes

PG Inspection Technologies recommends recalibrating the PG1000 systems once every two years for light use, annually for regular use and as often as monthly or quarterly for heavy or multishift use.

We recommend calibrating the unit after any upgrades are completed to ensure the accuracy of the system. PG Inspection Technologies includes a full calibration for any work completed by PG Inspection Technologies. Calibration reticles are available for purchase and for rental.