Software Designed for Cutting Tool Inspection

The PG1000 REACTION software was developed by PG Inspection Technologies for the exclusive purpose of cutting tool inspection. The word REACTION is an acronym for REAltime Cutting Tool InspectION.

Our software digitally analyzes five million pixels, sorting over sixteen million colors at a rate of fifteen times per second to find patterns and shapes, overlooking the excessive glare from too much direct light, shadows, irregular or broken shapes.

REACTION software does not electronically enhance, crop, or magnify tool images in any way. What you see is exactly what the camera captures. The GPU and CPU analyze to help you, the user, inspect your cutting tools.

We did not use a CAD system as the backbone of our software. CAD systems, while great for drawing images and dimensioning them on paper, are incapable of doing complex custom image analysis. Instead, we wrote our own software to fill the needs of cutting tool inspection. In the process, we’ve eliminated the extraneous features, enabling inspectors to work more efficiently.

Easy to Use Inspection Software

Our goal is to help enhance your cutting tool inspection. That’s why the PG software development team listened to you. In fact, our software incorporates a significant amount of feedback received from customers over the years. The end result is a robust, made-in-the-USA system that is easy to understand and highly adaptable to user preferences.

We also provide a complete series of training videos to accelerate your understanding of our software.

Get the Newest Version

Why get the newest version of our CNC cutting tool inspection software?

Our Version 9.3 REACTION software has many significant advantages over previous versions of our software.  As long as your PC and PG1000 hardware meet our minimum specifications (see links under Resources for details) you can get access to the following features:

  • All edge detection algorithms were enhanced and are now even more accurate and repeatable.
  • Snap Point To Edges feature was enhanced.  More accurate and now the point can be dragged to follow the detected edge.  Works great for radius measurements!
  • Contour Edges feature added.  Shows user what edge detection sees which helps with proper focus settings.
  • PG1000-400 models equipped with focus encoder can be setup to show the center-line of the tool for each magnification (requires onsite setup via PG1000 Service Technician).
  • Create highly customizable tool inspection reports (PDF or Excel/CSV).  Reports can include as little or as much data as required.  Report customizations can  include product images, tool descriptions, pass/fail tolerances, inspector’s name, customer’s name, company logo/info, notes, etc.

Note that a Calibration is required after installing Version 9+ REACTION software!


The REACTION software and future software updates are included with all PG1000 purchases from PG Inspection Technologies.  Note: hardware must be up-to-date and periodic hardware updates will be required to run our latest software as technology evolves.

If your PG1000 was purchased 2nd hand, or not purchased directly from PG Inspection Technologies or one of our authorized distributors, there will be a charge for the REACTION software, and service and hardware updates are likely also required to run the latest software.

PG Inspection Technologies reserves the right to change specifications and designs without notice.
Illustrations, data, dimensions and weights given in this brochure and on our website are for guidance only and cannot be held binding on the company.