Concentricity Fixtures

The PG concentricity fixture, also known as a 3 roller, provides a constant smooth part rotation that allows for easy and accurate measurements of the tool. All precision concentricity fixture are certified to be accurate within 2µ over the rollers.

Each unit includes an adjustable multi-position top arm yoke (top roller), a manual drive timing belt pulley system and a steel base plate to mount the fixture to the PG1000 base block.

The REACTION software includes 9 Edge Detection calculations which require the use of a concentricity fixture. This accessory is ideal for customers that want to measure diameter or radius using the Edge Detection feature in the REACTION software.

p/n 1000-570

Concentricity fixture with precision custom rollers, top roller and backstop. Most popular.

Shank/tool size range: 0.125″ – 1.0″ (3 – 25mm).

p/n 1000-571

Concentricity fixture for small/micro tools. Includes precision rollers and top roller.

Shank/tool size range: 0.010″ – 0.250″ (.25 – 6.5mm).

p/n 1000-572

Concentricity fixture for larger tools. Includes precision rollers, top roller and backstop.

Shank/tool size range: 0.375″ – 2.0” (9.5 – 50mm).

PG Inspection Technologies reserves the right to change specifications and designs without notice.
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